Видео ансамбля из Сакраменто

The Folk Dance Group “Kalinka” was created in August, 2015 by Russian Library of Sacramento. This group is an union of enthusiastic adults that continue to honor their Russian culture, heritage and traditions through dancing, and singing. This group is trying to achieve several goals. One is to learn and promote by performing folk dances of different nations and republics of the former Soviet Union. Also, we are trying to enrich our society by teaching those dances other people, who are wiling to learn new cultures. In addition, such activities are improving us as well, both mentally and physically. A few of latest health researchers support such conclusion.
The dance helps to save in good condition our brain! It is no jok! It is very important point for several grandmothers who started to spend their free time for dancing.
The dances help to find a lot of new energy for brilliant living.
We started from Russian style, but we planning also to teach other Slavic Folk dances.
While two years “Kalinka” performed the dances on the different shows and festivals: our group danced on Historic Festival in Fort Ross, on the Festival “Taste of Russia” in San Francisco, on International Cultural Festivals in Rancho and in Reno, on Slavic Yarmarka in Sacramento and of other stages, including The Capitol of California.
Art-director of “Kalinka” is Sergey Malko.
Producer is TaissiaSuvorova.

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